Hi, I am Vaishali Chauhan

  • Sociologist
  • Nutrition Expert
  • Diet Expert
  • Yoga Therapist

About Me

Although I am a Post-graduate (sociology) from "Jamia Millia Islamia", I am looking forward to playing a bigger part in the community by helping you and others. I am glad that you took your first step and showed the will to develop a healthy lifestyle by visiting my website. I wish to guide you in being your healthiest self in a sustainable way and root for you if you ever feel like giving up on your fitness voyage. Let me inform you that I have completed INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED DIPLOMA IN NUTRITION, DIET PLANNING and YOGA TRAINING from Fab Academy, California,USA. Also, I am on a mission (vswasth) to educate people especially women on health ever since I experienced my weight loss journey of 40 kgs in 2018. I did simple and doable things to improve my lifestyle and the byproducts were fat loss and better physical and mental health.

I have also been acknowledged by Rujuta Diwekar (Celebrity Nutritionist) in her book "The 12 week fitness project" and by Times of India too and I am lucky to have collaborated with one of the best Delhi based franchise 'Her Fitness' which is also doing great work for women's health. Moreover, I am a dedicated Fasting Enthusiast and believe in the power of women's circles because we have the power within us to create, nurture and transform.

Further more, I have clients not only from all over India but also from across the globe. Be it Spain, Canada, USA or UAE my clients are getting heathy in a sustainable way which works for them according to their work culture and region.

Come join me, learn something from me and teach me something. Let us transform our health for the better. Cheering for you!

Diet Plan

Plans Duration Prices
Plan 1 1 month Rs 2500/-
Plan 2 2 months Rs 4700/-
Plan 3 3 months Rs 7000/-
Plan 4 4 months Rs 9000/-
Plan 5 6 months Rs 13000/-

Workout with Soniya Pateriya

Plans Duration Prices
Plan 1 Hourly session Rs 350/-
Plan 2 1 month Rs 1500/-
Plan 3 2 months Rs 2500/-
Plan 4 3 months Rs 4000/-

A Small Initiative

I am also trying to connect with all the women especially the 3rd daughters
who might have faced some bias or criticism in their life for obvious reasons yet they are making their dreams come true. Hence, I have Soniya Pateriya in
my team who is also a 3rd daughter. Become a part of my page on facebook
'The 3rd Daughter' and share your story. You can still join if you are a son,
would love to hear your story and the stories of women you know!



P.S- Before you leave my website and resume your fitness journey I have a request to make. Would you mind Passing on A happy period? Let's start a chain of gifting sanitary napkins to the needy ones because a women's good health is her real wealth. Pass on a happy period today, to the helper in your house or anyone you can think of. Also, the Sociologist in me never dies so incase you just wish to meet me for a coffee and talk about life or just need someone to talk to, you are most welcome. Let's start a women's cirlce and empower eachother. (Sorry boys, it's not for you) -XO Vaishali ❤

Connect with me

  • E-3, Rani Jhansi Rd, Block E 4, Jhandewalan Extension, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Delhi 110055
  • 91 9810267764
  • [email protected]
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